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Do expansions work on an arduino mounted onion?

  • I am unclear so I just want to get validation before I order, to the onion expansions (oled, servo and relay) work with my onion if I have mounted it on my arduino expansion dock?

  • my experience with PWM servos , 2 standard size, is yes they do. qualified with the disclaimer that i have not done any complex tasks yet so i can not say without any doubts that they work in all circumstances. same with the OLED screen. i have yet to use the relay board. i have not tried to control any expansion from the arduino side. the few arduino sketches i've tried do compile /upload/run just fine. once again nothing complex, yet. if you have something you would like to test, pass it along.

  • @Douglas-Kryder Thanks for the answer. I just wanted to be sure they worked before I paid for them. I'll get them on payday and start messing around with them.

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