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Omega2+ SPI problem

  • My source code as follows.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include </root/test/spi-gpio-driver/include/onion-spi.h>

    void SpiReadValue(int addr);

    int main() {
    return 0;

    This code would be transfer a data that 0x40. but, received data is actually 0xC0.
    so, I wonder that why data receive as 0xC0.
    0x00~0x3F and 0xC0~0xFF data receive correctly.
    but, [transfer data] [receive data]
       0x40      0xC0
       0x50      0xD0
       0x60      0xE0
       0x70      0xF0
       0x80      0x00
       0x90      0x10
       0xA0      0x20
       0xB0      0x30

    I can not understand. why happen this problem? I need your help.

  • There have been some related comments made in the past, though from memory I thought those were about the first byte written, still worth checking.

    What are you using to send this reply? What exactly is its timing?

    Would be great if you could use a scope or even simple USB-based logic analyzer to verify this.

  • @Chris-Stratton

    Thanks for your answer.
    I found some people that got same problem.
    link as follows.
    SPI communication problem not fixed.

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