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New to this, console and wifi access point name problems

  • I did a factory reset and now when I go to the console, I can log in but the options are missing. I see the icons down the left side. In the middle of the screen the only thing I see is a search box on top of a scroll bar. It was working before I did the factory reset. Shouldn't the factory reset restore it to a good state? I also noticed that the wifi access point name has changed from something that matches the last 4 characters of my MAC address to 0000.

    Is there some super duper reset I can do to get back to a good state?

  • @David-Hallman what has happened to you has happened to many others and basically it is due to the reset not finishing correctly for some reason. make sure you are using the correct firmware . either plus or the basic omega. then just let the update run again

  • @David-Hallman That might not be the MAC address but the hostname of your Omega (omega-xxxx). You may fix it just by issuing a command from your terminal updateHostame, it will take some time but it will restore your original hostname.

  • @Douglas-Kryder
    Thanks. When I had posted this I had already reset a number of times. But, I think your suggestion worked after a few more resets. I pretty much went to reset and then setup through the command line. I should have kept a list of all the commands I was applying.

    I got my console back through a command line install. Thanks to you and the great Onion docs I'm up and running.

  • @Pavel-Metrokhin
    Thanks for the info. I haven't paid too much attention to it since I'm chasing other fun related to getting Python3 running (etc.) . But, the original "correct" name showed up later (seeing it in my list of wifi access points). It may have been after I restarted the wifi on my computer. Not sure. I will check out the hostname and see what it says.

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