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WTF is with all these sudden backed Kickstarter projects by Onion?

  • Are you guys trying to write off you tax year or something?

    7 projects in less than an hour some of which are particularly nonsensical seems a little excessive.

    I know it is your business who you back but really when you do it all at once it makes a mess of my activity feed.

    So what gives?

  • well, since we are on the topic, how many of those projects would you back? that big guided router would make such a mess, seems it has no vacuum, or maybe vacuum is an add on.

  • @Douglas-Kryder

    Actually the router was the only one that piqued my interest but I still think it is a very niche project. It is not like you will be routing out PCB's or drilling them any time soon with that device, so not really very interested.

    The love box is just plain silly. It is a kitsch to say the least and seems like a AWFULLY big box for something the omega could do even without customisation.

    The Robot arm, frack me how anyone can think that is practical let alone useful. Are you really going to try and print on a non-flat non-heated non-enclosed surface and not get crappy prints?

    The LED light kit? Really? How does that make anything easier? I guess again it is for a very niche market.

    The wooden animals, Meh, cute but kinda retro but not in a good way. And this need to tout about FCS certification bugs me. FSC have had issues and I am not really sure they are legit anymore.

    But that one that >really< grinds my gears is the Luna Scale. I have not seen such corporate flim flam for a long time. The go through an entire 5 min video complete with cheesy execs and fail to actually explain how their scale works and what makes it so much better than any other bluetooth scale. FFS!

    I don't want to be that guy but by Onion backing such trash really is starting to change my perspective of the whole organisation.

  • @T-NT well, yeah, the router was the most interesting to me also but if it is a large sheet with small closely spaced parts that thing will sooner or later get bogged down in its' own waste. i thought that arm sitting on a very clean desk in a clean room was a joke. oh, and that lady with the router, i can see her lugging that thing around all day. but back to why onion backs these particular projects? i really hope it can be explained that their kickstarter account was hacked.

  • @Douglas-Kryder

    Well looks like another 2 bogus project been backed by Onion. A luxury 'Smartwatch' Which is in fact neither smart not luxury and a 'Smart Alram Clock' Which basically looks like an android phone in a non-phone case.

    Really gotta wonder what the hell is going on and I am liable to stop following Onion in the future, despite how much I love the Omega. They are really starting to nark me off with their seemingly randomly backed projects.

  • @T-NT the alarm clock is onion's. that is seemingly what they have been doing instead of working on the omegas, although the clock is supposedly an omega as the brains.
    i'd bet the firmware is newer than b160, but we don't get to have it.

  • @Douglas-Kryder

    Meh... you're right.. Missed that. Still no overly impressed to be honest but at least it is omega connected.

    Hey ho.

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