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Different behavior using Omega with installed console and without

  • Hello together,

    i have never used the wizard or the console.
    Just power the omega, connect directly to it, set up wifi and play with it via ssh in my wifi.

    I noticed that the yellow status led of the ExpDock never stops blinking. But i ignored this because everything works fine.

    But now I have noticed a problem: The ntp update dosen´t work.
    When i type "date" the answer is

    Fri Feb 3 09:07:16 CET 2017

    Actually its Sun Nov 12 ... so everything seems to be wrong, not only the timezone.

    Next I connected my second completely new Omega and followed the wizard. The yellow status led stops blinking after boot procedure and the output of "date" is correct.

    Copying the options in /etc/config/system from the second Omega to the other doesen´t help.

    Consequently, my question is:
    Do i have to finish the configuration via ssh in a special way to use all services?
    The blink behavior of the status led indicates me that something seems to be not finished correctly.

    Thank you.

  • @ZwiebelMax i think at the very least you would have to make sure wifi setup is completed again. it seems the omega has not been able to connect to your gateway to get the time so the function of what modem/router omega connects to has been somehow broken and needs to be updated. you can do it from command line or from console.

  • Hey @Douglas-Kryder

    I agree with you. So my question is how can I complete/fix the setup, because the wifi setup I did manually in /etc/config/network works fine. The Omega works as an AccessPoint, it is listed in my gateway, it can update opkg (I also can connect to the Omega itself and surf in the web). So for me the setup is finished but it seems I have to run a last script to tell the Omega the Setup is finished.
    Can you tell me what you mean with "you can do it from command line or from console"?

  • @ZwiebelMax you can either enter wifisetup in the terminal, or if you can get to console select wifi settings. but, since you say you can surf using omega2 that should mean that omega2 has internet access, but the time doesn't update, not sure what to try unless you can try updating time via terminal.

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