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Another Wifi issue

  • I've looked at all the other posts and I can't find an answer to this one. My onion 2 used to connect to my router quite happily. All of a sudden it can no longer connect. It's alive, I can connect to it via and I can see in the config file it still knows of my network but it will not connect.

    Any pointers would be much appreciated


  • @davidsi I am sorry to say, but your best chance is to get rid of this Onion crap and go for some hardware that actually works and is supported.

  • @Johan-Adler well, I don't know I'd go that far. It's certainly an interesting way to learn how things go wrong and what to do about it!

  • @davidsi i have been faced with this also and what i did was run the wifi setup again. i have no idea what happened to my setup but i look at it as this is the first time i have had to run overlay and also i have created swap files before but the system never used them to a great extent. so here on omega2 both the overlay and swap play significant role in how this device can achieve what it can when basic hardware resouces are at all-time low for anything i've used in the past. i have had times when i have a lockup/unresponsive omega2 so i just turn it off and on and so i realize that doing that may cause issues so since wifi is always a part of what goes on it stands to reason that wifi gets messed up sooner or later so it does no surprise me when it gets messed up and i have to setup or install packages to get back in shape.

  • @davidsi there are variety of ways to check whether you are connected or not, please refer to our solutions of our helpdesk. Also, keep in mind that Omega2 supports only 2.4GHz with AES or mixed mode AES+TKIP. Please take a look at the the post on the Onion Community for an interim, manual fix.

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