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WiFi setup fails on Omega2+

  • My Omega2+ keeps failing to connect to WiFi. I do a factory reset, connect to the omega's wifi, run the wifisetup command and see the following:

    BusyBox v1.26.2 () built-in shell (ash)
       ____       _             ____
      / __ \___  (_)__  ___    / __ \__ _  ___ ___ ____ _
     / /_/ / _ \/ / _ \/ _ \  / /_/ /  ' \/ -_) _ `/ _ `/
     \____/_//_/_/\___/_//_/  \____/_/_/_/\__/\_, /\_,_/
     W H A T  W I L L  Y O U  I N V E N T ? /___/
       Ω-ware: 0.1.10 b160
    root@Omega-AF0B:~# wifisetup
    Onion Omega Wifi Setup
    Select from the following:
    1) Scan for Wifi networks
    2) Type network info
    q) Exit
    Selection: 1
    Scanning for wifi networks...
    Select Wifi network:
    1) *
    2) *
    3) *
    4) *
    5) *
    6) Onions
    7) *
    Selection: 6
    Network: Onions
    Authentication type: WPA2PSK
    Enter password: ***
    > Restarting wifimanager for changes to take effect
    root@Omega-AF0B:~# Timeout, server omega-af0b.local not responding.

    Afterwards the omega restarts and we're back to square one. It does not show up in my access point's log or list of connected devices and I'm back to connecting to the omega's own WiFi to work with it.

    Am I doing something wrong? I've manually upgraded the firmware to the newest I could find (0.1.10).

  • @Aleksandr-Pasechnik what is the model of the router/modem that you are trying to connect to from the omega2? it looks like you might be trying to connect to another omega?

  • Remember, that Omega doesn't support APs that are n-only, nor does it work at 5GHz. So you need to either slow down all of your other wireless devices by enabling b/g support, or set up a separate AP for the Omega (this is what I've chosen to do). Also, if your WPA uses TKIP, you can't use wifisetup, and need to edit /etc/conf/wireless manually.

    Basically, wi-fi - like many other things - is a huge mess on the Omega.
    I'm personally regretting buying one more every day, I've already scrapped the project I originally bought the Omega for, and instead used a Raspberry Pi Zero, a Hat and a bunch of other components instead. While the form-factor is bigger, and there are more separate pieces to manage, I was up and running within minutes, whereas with the Omega it took days to just learn why my Omega didn't respond to anything (through support I learned my Omega was apparently delivered with a faulty/missing firmware), and that was only the beginning of my problems, as I moved from re-flashing the board to actually connecting it to something.

    Good luck with getting your Omega connected!

  • Hi, I'm not sure, but I think, wifisetup choosing WiFi connect paramaters not very accurate. Setup Wifi AP manually is best way for me. Look at https://community.onion.io/post/15460

    Посмотрите мою ссылку по этому поводу - https://community.onion.io/post/15460 - может поможет...

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