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root account corrupt. Help

  • I was just writing some simple shell scripts, left to pickup my son and the thing was crashed. I couldnt get anything back. I ended up being only able to log in vi failsafe during boot. I managed to run firstboot and getting the factory reset going.

    Aftrer that I could get all the wifi and ethernet and serial consoles working even ssh but when I login and and enter the password it crashes. The web just takes a long time then returns login failed SSH just closes the connection and serial port just says Failed to execute
    Please press Enter to activate this console

    Iknow its the right password because If I type anything else it just errors and says wrong password on ssh and web

    Anybody know how I can get a full factory reset going

  • Update. I can log into the web it seems the first time after I boot but non of the apps show up only the log out shut down and restart options appear on the top right corner menu. If I select logout then thats it I cant get in again and the logins crash after authenticating. Any Ideas are greatly appreciated

  • [RESOLVED]Re: root account corrupt. Help

    Don't know what happened but I managed to use the ethernet expansion connected to my PC and got the web firmware upgrade interface working.

    I really have to give these guys credit. I designed embedded linux controllers in the early 2000, and I had everything I needed from web interfaces to serial consoles to SSH.. Everything worked even when the failsafe had corrupted files. I used to use UBoot but its gotten much better. I can tell these guys use their own stuff. Except for hardware failure there's almost nothing stopping someone who knows what their doing to fix their problem. Now I only wish I knew why it happened. But to be fair I had the relay board wired to external power and its not very isolated around my desk. When I go into production Ill design my own protection circuitry anyway. Great product, great to work with. Well documented, glad I backed them.

  • @Andrew-Moore all i can think of is you had no ups and there was a power glitch of some sort. also, it sounds like you had only one acct.? i know from experience that these devices should be on a ups at the very least, also maybe a power strip with line conditioning/filter and then create other accounts in the event you need them because many power problems, either as power is lost or as it comes back up might do stuff like what happened to you. i never had this root acct problems but prior to using ups i have had problems with data corruption on the omega2+ unit and on sd cards/flash drives as a result of power glitches/outages.

  • @Douglas-Kryder

    Thanks Douglas. It could have been my code! Anyway it was an original Onion from the kickstarter but its really cool that the new stuff works with the older Onions, and the latest firmware isn't leaving me behind. I'm prototyping a new product though, so I thought it better to start with the latest, I order a 2 and 2+ and some other stuff last night. I really wish they had an ADC somewhere on board.

  • @Andrew-Moore Thanks for your kind words! You may want to check our Onion Arduino Dock 2 that has analog pins available for you!

  • I might also add that I've written a C/C++ and Python library for using a MCP3008, 10-bit 8 channel ADC for the Omega2(+) here after it was discussed in the forum here.

  • @Pavel-Metrokhin Thanks Pavel I did see that and ordered one with the last 2 onions. I wasn't sure if it would be available since they always say for battery voltage but I figured I could hijack it anyway and then multiplex it. BTW do you know the specs of teh ADC?


  • @Maximilian-Gerhardt Perfect I actually ordered a few from digikey. Thanks Maxi.

  • @Andrew-Moore You are very welcome! The Arduino Dock 2 contains a 6 channel, 10-bit analog to digital converter, meaning that it will map input voltages between 0 and 5 volts into integer values between 0 and 1023.

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