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arduino Display and onion omega.

  • Just a newbie doubt: Can i use a display like that with onion omega2+ to display the Onion OS interface?

    alt text

  • Like "that" <-- what is that "that"
    alternatively, state what features you'd like to have?

    Usually, for a small MCU type of environment, people would choose a smart display+touch panel to lighten the load on that already overworked MCU.
    [ smart display means it takes high-level control/data language and perform on-board interpretation and screen rendering ]

    Unfortunately, the consequence is that such smart display costs much more (typically used for industry instrument's control panel) than the "dumb LCD display".
    If you are starting a new project with a clean slate opportunity, the best bet is to use a more powerful MCU (real Linux type with many IO leads) and then add a cheap LCD panel.

  • @leonardo-moura you may find a way to use the onion arduino dock2 [sold separately] to handle the screen and then report to that screen whatever it is the omega2 is doing but the screen alone with omega2 most likely no.

  • The display you linked is for the Arduino Mega board and would not work with the Onion Arduino dock 2, as it is based on the Uno not the Mega.

    You could have a look at maybe a usb type screen like this one: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1062.html which seems to support OpenWRT.

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