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Can´t see app editor with Onion-OS

  • After update my Omega 2+ to Onion OS I can't see app editor trough web explorer (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).

    Is there any issue with app editor?

  • Have you tried clearing your cache and refreshing the page. There are only 4 apps now it would seem:

    • Docs
    • Terminal
    • Code Editor
    • NFC-RFID app

    I can't even see the 'Legacy Console' which they show on screen here - https://onion.io/2bt-onion-os/ - so assume only way to update wifi or reset etc is via terminal.

  • administrators

    Yeah, we removed Legacy Console since it was taking up too much space on the Omega.
    You can still install it by running opkg update ; opkg install onion-console-base and then navigating to http://omega-XXXX.local/console where XXXX are the last four digits on the sticker of your Omega's shielding

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