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Can't connect to my Omega2+

  • Hey there!
    I bought Omega2+ without Power Dock and try to power it with LD33v (LD1117V33) (in output i have stable 3.28v).
    At first all be ok, i'm loggin to and set my settings and install python via SSH. But after 3-5 restarts (power on-off) my Omega didn't respond to open web-interface, but it was connected to my network (i saw this connection in router) and LED light.
    I'm ask my seller about this situation and I decide to return Omega for diagnostics. Next day they said me "We make factory reset, now all must be okay." and sending me back my Omega.
    When I got it second time, I got new problem. I can't connect to (or omega-XXXX.local). Try to use different browsers - it doesn't help. Connecting to Omega's network going ok, LED stop flashing.

    Soooo... I asking you help me with this situation. What i need to do? Is it right to try to buy a Power Dock or Expansion Dock?
    Any help is appreciated.

  • administrators

    @Sergey-Suyazov We strongly recommend using a Dock to provide power to your Omega. Improvised power supplies usually can't keep up with the Omega's sudden changes in current requirement caused by the WiFi radio. This would explain the instability you're seeing with networking.

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