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Moving from LeDe to OpenWRT

  • LEDE and OpenWRT Projects joined together. OpenWRT 18.06 provides many cool things. For example - python3-cryptography and more python3 packages. And YES! with this packages Omega2 turns into home automation device with HomeAssistant! Will Omega2 go to this?

  • @Alexey-Makarenya Yeah, it will be working.

  • OpenWrt 18.06 is technically just the next version after LEDE 17.01 (which was, technically, just the next version after OpenWrt 15.05).

    Only on a organizational level, there were different opinions and goals within the project that caused development to continue under the LEDE name for a while.

    So I very much expect that a (hopefully near) future version of the Omega2 firmware will be based on OpenWrt 18.06.

    In fact, a stock build of OpenWrt 18.06 works fine on the Omega2, incuding usable WiFi via the opensource mt76 wifi driver. Most user-space Onion additions will probably work with no changes (omega2-ctrl for example is fine), some Onion specifc kernel modules might need small adjustments in the opensourced code. However, the proprietary wifi driver needs to be updated for the newer kernel by Onion themselves.

  • one minor issue might be wifi is turned off at initial install. and then it seems only out of the box configured for IPv6 and not IPv4 which may or may not be an issue for the systems one is using to setup the omega2. additionally, in order to use sd card and/or usb thumb drive there needs to be packages installed before openwrt will recognize them. which without getting IPv4 wifi setup first there is no way get them onboard the omega2. another thing that sucks is most all the openwrt setup guides use ethernet connection for initial setup @, good luck achieving that with the omega2 without a few packages and some trying configuration. yeah, generic 18.06 boots and runs but expect a challenge or two, especially if you have never done an openwrt install before. then again, running through a openwrt install makes you realize what a nice job folks at onion did in the setup processes for the omega2

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