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OpenWrt Images found for Omega2+

  • Ive found this: https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/onion/onion_omega2plus
    And in the button are some links for OpenWRT Images for the Omega2.
    Can i test this images and recover the orignal firmware later?

  • yes. you can flash openwrt, test, and if you do not like it then flash omega2+. i did it about 1 month ago. i'm now back with omega2+ firmware. one thing i noticed about openwrt is it seems that for security reasons the wifi is disabled at first so you will need to enable it. after enabled, at least on the build i got, IPv4 is not implemented , rather it seems IPv6 is the default so you either have to have an IPv6 network ready setup or you need to be able to implement IPv4 through the settings. i could not get IPv4 setup so i returned to omega2+. be aware that if not on IPv6 network or unable to implement IPv4 then the only way i could find to flash the omega2+ firmware was using the emergency usb recovery method via boot process select. but actually, i encourage you to try it and report your experiences in this thread cause it may be i just failed completely as a result of being totally clueless in my attempts to get it running. i've read other people say they have been successful but never have read the process used. good luck.

  • Moreover, you can make your own images, test them, and recover the original firmware late.
    Here is the instruction for building your own alternative firmware for Omega2 based on OpenWRT.
    Instruction in Russian, but this is not a problem with Google translator.

  • OpenWRT 18.06 is the latest stable version. you can tweak it as you want and you will never be disappointed.
    My Omega is running quite well for 48 hours, make sure to enable Luci in make menuconfig. You can setup all wifi and network interfaces from there.


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