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Want to uninstall python

  • Want to remove all python packages installed and start from scratch only because can't get my python scripts to run. Tried opkg remove but when I list the packages they are still there. What do I need to remove and re-install python-light?

  • administrators

    try running opkg list-installed | grep python

    then run opkg remove for each of them, with python-base and python-light being the last ones

  • Here is a short snipit showing how list shows package and removing it fails or shows no package removed?

    python3-logging - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 logging module
    python3-lzma - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 lzma module
    python3-multiprocessing - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 multiprocessing
    python3-ncurses - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 ncurses module
    python3-openssl - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 SSL module
    python3-pydoc - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 pydoc module
    python3-sqlite3 - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 sqlite3 module
    python3-unittest - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 unittest module
    python3-xml - 3.4.3-2 - Python 3.4 xml libs
    root@Omega-170B:~# opkg --force-depends remove python3-pydoc
    No packages removed.<--------------------------------------------------------------

    When I list again it indeed is still listed. python3-pydoc

  • @Rudy-Trujillo That's quite strange, I installed and removed the same package just now and it worked... Perhaps even when you use the --force-depends flag it still refuses to remove the package as a result of the dependency.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Rudy-Trujillo Happy holidays to you as well! If I figure out what's preventing you from uninstalling the packages I'll be sure to let you know!

  • If you can cross compile, it'd be worth it to compile your own custom image, and then install python via opkg. @Boken-Lin , did you all have instructions on how to preload custom images with your feeds? This'd help getting custom micro firmwares up, which would help with commercialization further on down for end users.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Theodore-Borromeo You just needs to do

    scripts/feeds update -a
    scripts/feeds install <package-name>

    Where package-name are all the packages listed in https://github.com/OnionIoT/OpenWRT-Packages. These are the additional packages that we've added to OpenWRT. Finally, before you compile your image, you should select the packages in make menuconfig.


  • just type:

    opkg remove python*

  • @Alejandro-Villena
    Per @Lazar-Demin 's suggestion, this is a good starting list, but you'll need to add for modules you installed.

    In this order (Base and Light are last to avoid dependency errors):
    opkg python3-asyncio - 3.6.0-2
    opkg python3-codecs - 3.6.0-2
    opkg python3-ctypes - 3.6.0-2
    opkg python3-dbm - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-decimal - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-distutils - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-email - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-gdbm - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-logging - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-lzma - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-multiprocessing - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-ncurses - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-openssl - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-pydoc - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-sqlite3 - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-unittest - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-xml - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-light - 3.6.0-2
    opkg remove python3-base - 3.6.0-2

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