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GDB availability

  • Is this something dumb I'm doing? Why can't I get gdb on my Onion? Using the opkg install gdb command fails with a no package found. I can find valgrind, but that doesn't help, and is the only thing that really shows up when I dig into searching opkg packages. Is this something I need to build myself? I can do that, but would rather just install it. Or did I miss a step somewhere?

    Running latest firmware 0.2.2 b200 if someone knows the answer. Thanks.

  • Replying to my own. I don't see GDB in the package database, so I simply built it from the LEDE system and copied it to my target.

  • The source for the packages of GDB need to be added to the package manager, then it installs fine.

  • Typically what is most useful in a situation like this is actually to run gdbserver on the embedded board, and run GDB itself (either bare or with a GUI driver) on your development machine where it can get at your sources.

    But if you're actually building on the board or just want to run GDB locally, then yes, you can do that too.

  • @Peter-Buelow if you are not aware the repositories list that opkg uses is at,
    you can edit/uncomment some repositories in that file to give opkg more repositories to check.

  • If GDB is using the iconv program which is installed in a non-standard place, you will need to tell GDB where to find it. This is done with --with-iconv-bin which specifies the directory that contains the iconv program. This program is run in order to make a list of the available character sets First Bankcard

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