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Android Mobile Browser - Omega-XXXX.local

  • I have a web server set up on my Omega2+ that acts as a user interface which is reachable by the omega-xxxx.local domain on Windows(with bonjour installed)/Mac/iOS when connected to the Omega2+'s WIFI Access Point.

    As some of you may know, this does not seem to work for Android mobile browsers because, I assume from what I've read, Android doesn't use mDNS. It is still reachable by IP address, just not through the .local namespace.

    Has anyone found a work around for this so that Omega can be reached by domain name instead of IP on android mobile devices through its browser?

    Will the AP IP always be

    Could some kind of Omega2+ DNS trickery be used to force the android browser to resolve the (m)DNS?

  • @Jon-Gordon
    Hi Jon, Not an expert but the AP IP will always be unless you change it.

    Cheers Andy

  • you may be able to set up your own local DNS server to handle just that request and any other request would fall through to the next DNS server you list. this would only work for the local network[s] served by the local DNS. what i recall is that there were many requests to fix this over 5 or 6 years and one day google just closed the issue marking it "won't fix (obsolete)" which makes no sense but when you're google it does not have to make sense. case in point is most recent google project tango. alternatively, you may be able to use a "hosts" file on android device but then that file would need to, if it worked, be on any device that needed access.

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