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Official Resolution: oupgrade not working on Omega2 Pro factory firmware

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    Creating a sticky post for visibility:

    The recommended method for updating your Omega2 Pro is through the browser-based setup wizard. The steps can be found in the Omega2 Pro Getting Started Guide.

    If this didn't work for you, you might have tried to use oupgrade on the command line and found an error. There was a bug in the oupgrade program in the firmware that was installed during production. This has since been fixed and the fix is included in the latest firmware.


    There's several ways you can update your Omega2 Pro if you are on firmware v0.3.0 b207 or lower

    1. RECOMMENDED METHOD: Use the browser-based setup wizard, the steps can be found here
    2. Upgrade the oupgrade package so you get the fix, and then use it to update your firmware
    opkg update
    opgk upgrade oupgrade
    1. Follow our manual firmware installation guide, just note for step 1, you can find the latest Omega2 Pro firmware here
    2. Make a one-line fix to oupgrade as mentioned in this thread


    The full firmware upgrade process may take up to 5 minutes and your Omega2 Pro will reboot twice!
    The first reboot will happen after the firmware has been updated, then once the device initializes, it will configure everything to run from the eMMC storage, after which it will reboot again. This will only happen on the first boot after an upgrade.

    Once you've installed the latest firmware, oupgrade will work as intended šŸ™‚

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