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Omega2 Pro instantly runs out of space

  • I have just been installing a couple of small packages on the Omega2 Pro and instantly ran out of space. Is there a switch I should be using with opkg install to tell it to use the 7 gig on /dev/mmcblk0p1 or is there somewhere I can set this as the default?


  • well, with the omega2 you need to setup either sdcard or usb flash to have that storage space used as filespace so i guess the pro might require the same. i guess the flash is just additional storage. it's called pivot-overlay.

  • Thank you, Douglas, but I think I found the problem.

    The official advice is that the Omega2 Pro can be updated using the web page but my experience is that this just doesn't work. The best thing to do is to follow the 'sticky' advice above about upgrading the firmware via the command line:
    opkg update
    opkg upgrade oupgrade

    This then get's the whole board working properly ( in an omega sort of way, lol )


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