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Been off for awhile and just updated to latest OnionOS and lost

  • I just powered up and connected to my Onion2+ after not using it for some time and everything looked good. Had a nice webUI with some nice apps (OLED text / image) and the settings manager but I decided to update the firmware to the latest and now the UI doesn't have any of the old stuff. There is an app manager and I tried installing the IDE and the old console app but then they never show anywhere and I have no UI access to any settings anymore. I am lost, is there a migration page somewhere I am missing? Was on a .1 version I think but now on OnionOS 1.0

  • I finally got somewhere. After installing the IDE and Old Console app a few times, they finally showed up and the old Console had the settings app. So, is there no "new console" settings app?

  • if there is a newer settings app it would be in the new omega2 pro build which supposedly soon will be ported to the omega2.

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