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Can't update to NPM 6.9.0

  • The upgrade process npm i -g npm, ends with this message

    [..................] / loadRequestedDeps: sill install loadAllDepsIntoIdealTree
    <--- Last few GCs --->

    [1964:0x170a000] 200453 ms: Scavenge 22.1 (26.2) -> 21.2 (26.2) MB, 8.3 / 0.1 ms allocation failure
    [1964:0x170a000] 205122 ms: Scavenge 22.1 (26.2) -> 21.2 (26.2) MB, 1590.3 / 82.5 ms allocation failure
    [1964:0x170a000] 228340 ms: Scavenge 22.1 (26.2) -> 21.2 (26.2) MB, 3466.2 / 6.6 ms allocation failure
    [1964:0x170a000] 2[ 1831.244269] do_page_fault(): sending SIGSEGV to npm for invalid write access to 00000000
    45609 ms: Scaven[ 1831.253672] epc = 77ef1dc8 in libc.so[77ed3000+92000]
    ge 22.1 (26.2) -[ 1831.260193] ra = 77ef1dc8 in libc.so[77ed3000+92000]

    21.2 (26.2) MB, 4349.9 / 17.9 ms allocation failure

    <--- JS stacktrace --->

    ==== JS stack trace =========================================

    Security context: 0x5841330d <JSObject>
    2: makeCallback(aka makeCallback) [fs.js:134] [bytecode=0x5b870a2d offset=46](this=0x58404125 <undefined>,cb=0x4477ffad <JSFunction er (sfi = 0x30ecd0b5)>)
    3: /* anonymous */ [fs.js:871] [bytecode=0x5b8707f9 offset=16](this=0x3e8b7aa1 <Object map = 0x380f4729>,path=0x4477ff61 <String[81]: /tmp/npm-1964-d5d3eb0d/unpack-1e6d3098/node_modules/libnpmorg/node_modules/aproba>,mode=493,callback=0x4...

    FATAL ERROR: Committing semi space failed. Allocation failed - process out of memory
    Segmentation fault

  • @alejandro-neujovics

    FATAL ERROR: Committing semi space failed. Allocation failed - process out of memory

    Perhaps you need more swap space, or disk space?

  • @cas you're right, I created an swap memory in my omega 2+, and now everything is working.

  • administrators

    @alejandro-neujovics Node and NPM 8.10 are available with the latest firmware, more info on that here.

    Note that there's a specific syntax to follow when invoking npm, see more in the updated NodeJS article in our documentation.

  • @Lazar-Demin thank's, finally i did discover what you said..
    By the way, it also changed the syntax in some libraries, such as the serialport, and to achieve the complete update, I was forced to expand the RAM memory, otherwise the installation of NPM modules, it is not possible.

    Maybe you have to say that, and we will not lose so much time.


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