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My Omega 2+ won't boot! (first time setup)

  • I just got my Omega 2+ in the mail. I didn't get a dock, so I plugged it into a breadboard power regulator like this breadboard regulator set to 3.3v plugged into a wall wart. The wall wart is supplying 9v into the power supply. I've checked the power with my multimeter and found a steady 3.3 volts. When I turn on the power, the led flashes once briefly, then a few seconds later, flashes again. There is no network. Is this fixable, and if not, is there a way to get a replacement? This is the first time it's ever been plugged in.

  • Address your power supply (most likely the) problem first.

    1. those cheapo power supply unit usually cheap out by using a minimum output filter capacitor, say 22uF or so. The goal is solely for their max profit. The fix is to add a 470uF 6v good electrolytic capacitor on its output side. (BTW, a good capacitor costs approx. 30% of the price you wer paying for that power supply unit.)

    2. Must use thick (20 AWG recommended) and short (no longer than 10 cm) power supply wires in between the power supply unit and the Omega 2+ module. The connectors would preferably soldered, not using the filmsy DuPont connectors.

  • @River-Lewis another consideration is does that power supply provide enough amps? i think it's suggested to have 2A. in my experience the omega2 can draw slightly over 1A during boot while establishing startup of the wifi.

  • @ccs-hello Thank you, this worked perfectly. I can't solder very well, so I used shorter wires and hooked up 2 220 uf capacitors. It booted like a charm.

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