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  • Hey all my fellow onion eaters,
    I went to the getstarted page and watched the video and followed along. Got to the cloud option and opted out, did the firmware download and that completed, started to tour the firmware and thought id reboot it cause it never did. After the reboot the onion can not be found on my network anywhere. Not sure what the problem is. Read the troubleshooting guides and attempted to do several of the recoveries with no success. Anyone know a quick fix to my problem? Would realy appreciate a little help. Im a noob to linux and this is way out in left field for me. Appreciate it!! Thanks for any help..

  • @Jonathan-Burnett what device do you have and how are you powering it?

  • I had some issues with the recovery process on 2 of my 2+. It seems the reset to factory firmware takes a very long time on these units. Not sure why and didn't investigate, but I just let them run and went out for a couple of hours and they were good when I rebooted them.

    The most common problems I have always come back to the power source.

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