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  • Omega light is stable but it's AP mode is not showing "Omega-XXXX" through which i can connect.

    Actually i was trying to factory reset omega2 using power dock. but due to usb disconnect factory reset stuck in the mid. and now whenever i do powering it up.. it is not showing booting process with light blinking.
    when i plug power omega2 light get stable permanently and does not booting.

    how can i correct it, now..?

  • 0_1559433060709_IMG_5106.jpg

    No booting process with light blink
    after powering it up, it is showing in attached image condition.

    can you let me know how can i correct this if such condition occur in omega2.

  • well you can try to do a recovery from usb. put the image you want on a usb stick/flash drive, insert into expansion usb slot. turn off the power on the exp board. hold down the reset button and flip the power switch on. you should see a menu come up. release reset. one menu option is flash image from usb. select that and the image should be flashed. oh, and you need to have serial monitor running so you can see menu.

  • Interestingly I've recently bricked 4 or 5 O2+ and none of the usual solutions allowed me to unbrick them. I bricked an Omega 2Pro using the same custom firmware build and was able to unbrick it using the factory reset process. However, the firmware that is installed is missing some critical files, including ap_client, wifisetup etc. The only way to recover the device is using a second device to replace the missing files.

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