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Using SPI bus with GPIO's as Chip Select

  • Hi I have working half-duplex SPI device from Python following recent patches to the python-SPI code. What are the best-practices/ limitations for using multiple SPI devices with chip-select ? Should I use Onion GPIO's directly as chip select or should I drop in a small mux and use the existing single chip select with the Mux connected to GPIO's to route the CS signal ?

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    @Tisham-Dhar assuming you're using the hardware SPI and not bit-banging, I think it would be more straight-forward to use the designated SPI CS1 as the chip select, and then use a mux, with other GPIOs as control signals, to route the CS signal.

    It's very likely possible to use the hardware controller with a GPIO CS signal, but it would likely involve quite a bit more work than the alternative.

    Let me know how it goes!

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