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Did I purchased Omega2+ clone ?

  • Hi everyone,
    Today i got new Omega2+, previously i was using Omega2.
    After receiving new Omega2+ i updated with latest firmware b230 and installed web console.

    But i found one thing weird, my web console is not as other people have or its shown on website. I re-updated my firmware. But its same. Here i am attaching the screenshot.


    Same thing was in Omega2, there i thought it is having low memory so its not running full version on web console. But it is same on Omega2+ also, why. Do i have cloned part or its original. how to confirm.

    Please response soon

  • @Suman-kumar-Jha Left click the App Manager icon please.

  • Thanks György Farkas for response, i clicked on app manager icon and then i installed legacy console. Legacy console is good. How i can make legacy console as default ?

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