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How to know the option of build kernel about version b.200?

  • Hi.
    I want to know the option of version b200(and b193) of build kernel.

    what It's mean is,
    I've created firmware for the omega2 using this site(https://github.com/OnionIoT/source).
    and I went into the 'make menuconfig'.
    but I didn't know to check or do not check the option for b200 and b193.

    because I want to customize the firmware using the option in the menuconfig.
    so what do I have to do to make the version b200(and b193) of build kernel?

    please let me know.

  • @jongrock-chun if you want to configure your kernel build you need to use make kernel_menuconfig

  • Thanks for replying.
    but, I don't know to use the kernel_menuconfig.

    I have executed 'make kernel_menuconfig' but I don't know how to use this command in order to make version b200 of the kernel.
    I've searched for using and meaning kernel_menuconfig. but I didn't get the proper information.

    what I want to know is how to config version b200 of the kernel option.
    Is it the file that includes the option information of kernel in omega2?)

  • addition question,

    Is there storing the file of the option of the kernel in omega2?

  • @jongrock-chun If you look in <source>/config/Config-kernel.in this contains the kernel configuration options used by kernel_menuconfig. If you look at github you can see that these options have not changed for 2 years.

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