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Release of IP address when using the Ethernet Expansion

  • On other Linux based boxes (and other OSes as well), I'm used to the fact that the IP address binding to the physical NIC is "reset" when the cable is unplugged from the computer. This doesn't seem to happen when it comes to the Onion Omega2 though. The IP address sticks to eth0 even with the cable removed. Is there a way to resolv this behavior? I'd rather not script it or restart the network service.

    As I understand the documentation (link below) there should be somesort of a status update according to the serial output (state change from 0x01 to 0x00)

    I'm using the Ethernet expansion with a Omega2+ connected to a Power Dock 2 and an OLED expansion added to the top of the stack.

  • @jokre take a look at udhcpc this is dhcp client tool under BusyBox.

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