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O2 LTE Firmware Build

  • Hi,

    Where can I find the build environment for the O2 LTE Board ?


  • @Rob-See the latest LEDE build system from Onion includes "omega2-lte" feed.

    If you have a build system already setup you can run :

    ./scripts/feeds update
    ./scripts/feeds install omega2-lte

  • Edit: I figured this part out... there is an option to lted, -n that lets you specify the profile number.

    Thanks for this. Would you by chance know where the lted binary is built from ? I'm trying to get this device working with Verizon for internet access and also to be able to send and receive text messages. My understanding is that for this to work, vzwims has to be the APN in profile 1 and vzwinternet has to be in profile 3. lted seems to reconfigure profile 1. I can manually handle that, but I guess I'm trying to figure out how to get lted to use pdp context 3.


  • @Rob-See The scripts etc are in package/feeds/onion/omega2-lte/files, if you look in package/feeds/onion/omega2-lte/files you an se the init script

    the make file is in feeds/onion/omega2-lte/Makefile

    The make file has all the info you should need to understand the build.

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