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SMS on Omega LTE

  • can someone please point me to the docs on how to send a message via SMS (to a phone) using the omega LTE.


  • @davidsi Sorry to wake such an old thread. I posted another about vox and sms over a week ago with no response. Did you get anywhere with this?

  • @jcoon :

    Here is the starting point for LTE:

    From the photograph, it is a Quectel EC-25A chip.

    The manufacturer's site:
    https://www.quectel.com/product/ec25.htm provides addl details of EC-25A

    It supports 4G (LTE FDD only) and WCDMA. For details:

    This page has links to "Deployed networks by country (including technology and frequencies)". Please make sure that the device is supported by a carrier in your region.

    The specification home for all Gs:

    I would also suggest that you get one of the SIM (https://www.simcom.com/) or equivalent module first, and pick a carrier and familiarize with the AT command set. Those modules provide a command prompt over serial port. The first step would be scanning for available G networks and get the module registered with the carrier.

    Lot of country/carrier specific info are available online.. If you have a friend working as the telco tech, that would be a plus.

    I am just sharing my learning process.. I do not have an Omega LTE.


  • @tjoseph1

    Thank you for the info. I have already been through most of that though.

    I understand the modem supports voice and SMS. What I would like to know is if the omega has the appropriate drivers in order to support voice and SMS. Has the functionality been tested?

    Thanks again.

  • @jcoon :

    There is a correction:
    From https://github.com/OnionIoT/Omega2-LTE, there are 2 chip variants..

    1. Omega2 LTE North American Model Quectel EC25-AF
    2. Omega2 LTE Global Model Quectel EG25-G

    I could find only one package "omega2-lte-base" that is related to this model, that installs a binary and a script in usr/bin.

    admin1@Omega-745F:~$ /tmp/tmp/lted --help
    [10-30_04:30:04:176] Usage: /tmp/tmp/lted [-s [apn [user password auth]]] [-p pincode] [-f logfilename]
    [10-30_04:30:04:176] -s [apn [user password auth]] Set apn/user/password/auth get from your network provider
    [10-30_04:30:04:176] -p pincode Verify sim card pin if sim card is locked
    [10-30_04:30:04:176] -f logfilename Save log message of this program to file
    [10-30_04:30:04:176] Example 1: /tmp/tmp/lted
    [10-30_04:30:04:176] Example 2: /tmp/tmp/lted -s 3gnet
    [10-30_04:30:04:177] Example 3: /tmp/tmp/lted -s 3gnet carl 1234 0 -p 1234 -f gobinet_log.txt

    admin1@Omega-745F:~$ /tmp/tmp/o2lte
    Configure the Omega2 LTE device for cellular connectivity

    o2lte apn <CELLULAR NETWORK APN>
    Configure the Omega2 LTE to connect to your cellular provider's network
    o2lte data enable
    ENABLE the cellular data connection
    o2lte data disable
    DISABLE the cellular data connection
    o2lte gnss enable
    ENABLE collection of GNSS data
    o2lte gnss disable
    DISABLE collection of GNSS data
    o2lte share enable
    ENABLE sharing of cellular data on WiFi AP
    o2lte share disable
    DISABLE sharing of cellular data on WiFi AP

  • @tjoseph1

    Thanks again. It is the o2lte usage that concerns me. They all relate to "data". I realty wish someone could answer the voice/SMS question. It doesn't seem like it should be that difficult a question. Maybe the omega just isn't support well enough yet to be a viable product.

    Thanks again for all your effort

  • administrators

    @jcoon the Omega2 LTE was primarily designed to use the modem's cellular data functionality, that's why the o2lte command doesn't have voice or sms options.

    However, it's possible to use AT commands to communicate with the modem and send sms messages. Try looking up Quectel's AT command guides for the EC25 and EG25-G

    Can I ask why voice/sms is preferable to using cellular data for the same thing?

  • Hello @Lazar-Demin

    I am looking at using it for security purposes. I would like to use talk and text as much as possible since they are usually unlimited while data plans are capped.

    I figured SMS would be possible via AT commands. Making and answering calls should also be possible with AT commands. Is the hardware (microphone and speaker ports) capable of interfacing with the modem?

    Thanks again for the info, it is truly appreciated.


  • administrators

    @jcoon said in SMS on Omega LTE:

    I figured SMS would be possible via AT commands.

    Yes, definitely doable!

    @jcoon said in SMS on Omega LTE:

    Making and answering calls should also be possible with AT commands. Is the hardware (microphone and speaker ports) capable of interfacing with the modem?

    Like I said, we designed it with using the modem's cellular data functionality in mind. So the modem's audio interface isn't connected to the Omega. See the Omega2 LTE schematics for more details.

    But it might be possible to get audio data over USB - not sure though, you'll have to do some exploration!

  • @Lazar-Demin

    Thank you very much! That answers all my questions. Might I suggest that if a new board revision is pushed, the audio pins are broke out? It would certainty expand the capabilities.

    I will get a board and play with it.

    Love the project and everyone's time and hard work!

    Thanks again!

  • I too would like access to the SMS in addition to the data. What is the serial port and speed for accessing the modem?


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