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Omega dash sensitivity of touchscreen

  • The touch screen on
    my omega dash works but I have to press it considerably firmly. It works better with a capacitive stylus. Is there a way to influence the sensitivity of the touch screen or is this sensitivity typical. I would like to tap on the screen instead of pressing it

  • @Alfred-Riss are you sure your issue is sensitivity of the touch as I don't find the Dash insensitive, however early on I did have some issues with sensitive area of some controls, especially Roller and Slider. I don't think the entire area of these controls are sensitive, so my fat fingers seemed to miss these areas regularly. Once this occurred to me I made a conscious effort to ensure my contact was in the centre of the control touch point, that worked far better so I modified my design to allow for those of us with fat fingers.

  • mix@crispyoz Hi, thanks for your answer. I just checked again with fbdragtest.py. Touching the screen is not sufficient. I have to press firmly. I found that it works better with a stylus. But this also does not work without pressure. I do not really want to discuss my fat fingers as I can operate any touch screen on my iphone, ipad or lattepanda. But you may be right. I just tried it with my finger nail instead of my finger tip and this works better - even better than the stylus. But I still do not understand why this touch screen is different from all the others.

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