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Onion Console not working after new System Build

  • I have successfully flashed the Onion with custom firmware making sure NOT to override the configuration changes in /etc. The onion booted with seemingly no issues. However, when I log into the console application I can type username:root and password:onineer then nothing happens.

    I think something is missing in the /etc configuration. I would like to point out that AP seems to be running fine in client mode because I can access the internet (i.e. google.com) just fine.


  • Hi @Janus-Sanders, Thanks for letting us know this issue. Would you be able to open up the Javascript Console and see if there's any error messages? If you are using Chrome, you can open up the Javascript console by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + I.

    Also, just to clarify, you are still able to see the login screen right?

  • @Boken-Lin Ok, It appears that I'm all over the place with this particular system. I get a CONNECTION_REFUSED Error when connecting with Chrome. However, the browser that I was using was IE 11 and it appears that the login was cached...

    My conclusion is that when I reflashed the Omega with the "generic" system build I apparently left out the crucial packages like vsftpd (Secure FTP) which I also lost in the process.

    I got vsftpd working so I can install the necessary packages to get the webserver up and running.

    Can you tell me what packages are required to get the webserver running? Perhaps I just havent's started them?

  • @Janus-Sanders If you are able to see the login page, then it seems that your http server should be running. The http server we are using by default is uhttpd.

  • @Boken-Lin I'm pretty sure I reflashed my Omega with a base build. In fact I had to reload uhttpd to get the server to respond at all.

    Thanks for your help...I guess this has been a big lesson on rebuilding the Omega from a base image. I have much to learn in order to sucessfully upgrade packages without starting from scratch.

  • @Janus-Sanders Yeah, We will be releasing a few tools to help with the build process so that the images you guys build will contain all the default Omega software.

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