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How fast can a Omega 2S+ boot?

  • Hi,

    I am currently evaluating a bunch SBC's for one of my projects and stumbled across the Omega 2S+. Before I am going to buy an actual device for playing around, I would have a question regarding the boot time. In the "How to get started" video it is mentioned that the Omega2 takes about one minute to boot. Is that also true for the Omega 2S+?

    Or in other words: How fast can a Omega 2S+ boot?

    Unfortunately, one minute is way too long for me. So I am hoping that there are some ways to improve that?

    The application that I would like to run on the Omega 2S+ should do the following:

    • connect to WiFi via DHCP
    • start a REST API Server written in C/Go/Rust

    Is it possible to boot the device, enable WiFi, request an IP via DHCP and start a REST API server in just a few seconds or do I need to wait a minute for that?

    Would love to hear some estimations what's possible with the Omega 2S+. It doesn't need to be exact, but a rough estimation would already help. My ultimate goal would be to get the boot time down to just a few seconds - not sure if that's realistic?


  • @schluchti A minute is pretty standard for Omega2x, you can improve performance a little by meticulously going through all the loadable modules and stripping out anything you don't need. DHCP does take a few seconds to negotiate, as do whatever services you need to start.

    Omega is running OpenWrt which is basically a light version of Linux so the logic for improving boot performance generally applies.

    You're not going to be able to halve the time, you may trim off a few seconds though.

  • @schluchti

    I imagine any hardware that is running an OS is going to take more time to power up that you need.

    If the Omega had a sleep mode that'd be the way to do it but as yet, that's not an option.

    What is the reason you need such quick power up? Is there some other way to tackle the requirement?


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