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Onion Omega2 pro slash in Wifi Password.

  • It seems that I can not connect to a wifi network, which has slash character in the wifi password. If I check the wireless config, it seems that the part of the pw after the slash is missing. Ex: if the password is 123/456, then in the wireless file the 123/ part is present.

    Anybody encountered a similar issue? Any suggestions? (I can not change the pw for other reasons).

    Thanks for the answers!

  • @gabornagy93 I would say this is a bug in wifisetup script, but you can work around it by escaping the slash. So in your case your password should be entered like so:


    That's a backslash before the forward slash, if you then use the command uci show wireless you'll see the password is correctly recorded. I'm not sure if the password is then correctly passed when negotiating the connection and I can't test it right now, but if not, you could try entering your password on the wifisetup command like this:


    This will ensure the password is recorded in your wireless setup as


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