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Custom Omega2+ firmware with Wifi warp core not working

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a custom firmware build with which needs wifi support. I build the firmware using WIFI warp core, but there is an error which states modules linked in: MT_WIFI when wifi warp core starts. We also have can support. I removed the Can bcm but it still gives modules linked in: MT_WIFI error when wifi warp core starts.

    To give a little background, the custom firmware, which already works, has a lot of functionalities disabled such as wifi, usb, sd card at the moment. So I am now trying to add wifi support back. We want to be able to upgrade our firmware using wifi which needs to connect to the internet. We have set omega to use spi to connect to can and modified the dtsi accordingly. As it seems wifi warp core requires more than just what is included when we select it for build. I would really appreciate if anyone has any answers.

  • @RandomPerson Please post the relevant portion of the build log

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