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Acces point cloud

  • Hello everyone!

    I have a simple question, how can you acces the point cloud of the camera? Or is points_3d the point cloud?

    I have been experimenting with both the Tau Lidar camera and an external library called open3d, which is used to visualize point clouds. I tried to use points_3d to visualize the point cloud by converting it into a .ply file, but noticed the point cloud wasn't as accurate as i had hoped it to be.

    Here are some examples as to what I mean:

    A screenshot from what the camera sees (wooden block):
    1 - ZurgT6c.png

    A screenshot from what the point cloud sees (wooden block):
    2 - pHnHVqd.png

    A screenshot from what the camera sees (stairs):
    3 - fkXNwCo.png

    A screenshot from what the point cloud sees (stairs):
    4 - JukF5zi.png

    This is something similiar to what I expect/desire, an accurate point cloud based of what the camera sees:
    5 - nDJI8Wf.png

    What is the correct way of getting the point cloud from the camera? Or is the points_3d list indeed the point cloud, but is it not getting an accurate result due to, for example, an incorrect integration time?

    Thanks in advance for any help! I would love to hear what I am doing wrong or how I could get my wanted result. I would even be grateful for an explenation of how to actually get the point cloud. Thanks!

  • administrators

    Hi @JackHulspas
    Have you tried comparing your open3d point cloud visualizations to the point cloud in the Tau Studio web app?
    (See step 1 in the Tau Camera Getting Started Guide for more info on the Tau Studio web app)

    It's possible the open3d library is expecting the data to be ordered differently.

    I would suggest taking a look at the Tau Camera Python API reference: https://taulidarcamera.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

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