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How to run .NET core application on Omega 2S+

  • I have .net core application on Raspberry PI, it is working fine. I would like to go for Omega 2S+ processor now, Can I run my existing application on Omega processor ? If yes, can some one help with steps ?

  • @somnathavhad This is a difficult question to answer as there is insufficient detail provided, but here are some points to consider.

    Which Pi are you currently using?
    How much memory does your app require and how much storage space?

    Omega2+ will have less memory and less storage capacity than whichever Pi you are using, but if your app can fit on an Omega2+ then perhaps it is a better solution. The other consideration will be the processor performance, your Pi is likely a lot more powerful than an Omega2+ but your app may run comfortably all the same.

    Omega2+ uses OpenWrt as the OS so you can check out the available .net support,

    Here is an interesting article on running .net app on OpenWrt on a Pi. For me the first step would be to get this functional then the next step would be to see if you can fit it on n Omega2+


    Others may be able to offer more specific advice.

  • @crispyoz Thank you for your reply. Memory usage is as below


    • Over all memory usage should not be more than 50 MB, its constant at 35.7 PM as of now.

    • My build size is 15 MB

    In my application I am continuously reading sensor data and some time call to read the RFID's and then send data to Azure IOT. Sensor and RFID are connected to my Omega using USB ports.

    I have purchased OMEGA 2S+ SDK with EMMC 8 GB , I don't have SD card on development KIT. When I am looking into physical storage only few MB's are available on Omega 2S+.

    My questions is how can I extend storage and use EMMC 8 GB storage ? Also my application is developed in to .net core 3.1. I will be able to install .net core 3.1 run time on Omega 2S+ ? if yes, i tried to refer link https://community.onion.io/topic/1945/cross-compile-mono-from-source-for-the-omega2-and-omega2

    Or creating docker image from visual studio and deploy on Omega 2 S+ and OpenWRT support Docker is yes, any one done this in past ?

    Help will be really appreciated.

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