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Omega 2+ Temperature

  • Hi, I made my own dock circuit, and I'm powering it with an AMS1117, it works well, but it gets hot.
    When using the expansion dock, the case of Omega2+ hits 43 degrees Celcius, but in my own circuit, it goes to 53 degrees.
    Would the regulator be the reason for the heating up?
    Any other detail that I may be missing on my design that is making it to get the extra 10 degrees?
    Attached is the relevant circuit.

  • ArgusR, AMS1117 is too low power for Omega2+. Please use something in TO220 case - LF33, LM317, etc.
    I am using LF33, it's cold. I installed it to small radiator, but it is unneeded by fact.

  • Well, you are correct, the extra heat seems to be because of the ams1117. I already had another mp1584 providing 3.3V to the same circuit, I just add a FET to switch it to omega to power on and now I'm under 50 degrees Celcius.
    My problem now is that I found out that omega cannot have anything connected to TX1 while booting, will open another thread to get some help on that.
    Thanks for the help.

  • I found a workaround for my serial connection, just put the microcontroller in deep sleep before trying to awake Omega, this is enough to let it boot correctly. Will not be opening a new thread with that.

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