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Disable access point on wifi setup done

  • Hi,

    I want to disable the access-point hosted by Omega once board is able to connect with the configured wifi network. How can we do that using hotplug or uci?
    Also, I want to enable AP again when a gpio button is pressed.
    I am unable to find system commands to on/off access point interface on the omega board. please help me with that.


  • @dixit You cannot disable the AP without also disabling the STA when using the Warp driver, you would need to reconfigure the device to use the standard OpenWrt drivers. An alternative solution I use myself is to hide the AP and set a complicated SSID and password.

    Here's a hotplug script I use set the nameserver and hide the AP once the AP comes up:

    # Place me in /etc/hotplug.d/iface/40-setup
    KEY=$(openssl rand -base64 15)
    if [ "$ACTION" = "ifup" -a "$INTERFACE" = $WIFI_INTERFACE ]; then
    	#echo "nameserver $(ip -o -4 a s apcli0 | awk '{ print $4 }' | cut -d/ -f1)" >> /etc/resolv.conf
    	#echo "Key is $KEY"
    	uci set wireless.ap.key='$KEY'
    	uci set wireless.ap.hidden='1'
            uci commit wireless

  • Thank you @crispyoz I got your point.
    One more thing, in trials I did ifdown wlan command on the board with the expectation that it will bring down the AP interface but it resulted differently. Now I am not able to access the board over any network. Per my understanding, rebooting the board should bring up all the configured interface back alive but this does not seem to be working here. I want to access the board and get wifi interface up and running, I know we can get access over serial console but is there any other way to factory reset the board to bring back the default configuration?

  • @crispyoz I don't have any dock with me. Is there any other solution?

  • @dixit how are you powering the device?

    Here is s thread on how to wire a reset button.

  • Okay @crispyoz so it mean that pressing SW_RST button(Connected to GPIO38 internally) for more than 10 sec will factory reset the board correct?

  • @crispyoz will that button long press work anytime during the board is up or I need to power-up the board with the button pressed?

  • @dixit This is the factory reset process, per the document link I sent earlier

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