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Errno 28: No space left on device

  • I am using Onion Omega 2 and I have increased the storage by using USB by following the guidelines from Onion Omega 2 boot from external storage . After following this, I checked the free space by using df -h and got the following result:
    Storage .png

    While installing the Firebase Admin Python, along with using the -v tag, I got the following error "no space left on device"
    Errno 28.png

    If anyone can help me to resolve this issue, I shall be very thankful.

    Bilal Awan

  • @bilaljavaid01 the only place you are short on space is the ROM, Read Only Memory AKA you cannot write to it. So you actually have a lot of space available, but the installation is not using that space.

    Step 1 look at python lite which is designed for low-resource devices, ie IoT devices like Omega2. Step 2, look at where the package is being installed and set up a symlink so that directory is linked to your sda2 device. For example, one of my apps used SQLite for a database which gets pretty large, so I create a symlink to /etc/<my app name>/data that points to /dev/mmcblk0p1 which is a 64GB SD card.

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