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Inquiry: Resetting Omega 2+

  • Hi Onion Community,

    Years ago I purchased Onion Omega 2+ (via Indiegogo), but I have tried to use it sporadically. I logged in a few times, successfully connected, but it has been a while (around 6+ mnths since my last successful attempt). A about two or three months ago I tried to use it again, but I cannot get connected to the wifi or login to the home page with all the apps and what-not.

    I never changed the login information or wifi information, so it is all the same from the day I got it.

    Can someone explain how I can reset it?

    Thank you for your time.

  • As far as i know, the password is onioneer for ssh

  • @Amalee Factory reset is in the documentation. What if any dock do you have?


    @nsmith is correct regarding the default password.

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