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Original Image openwrt-22.03.3-ramips

  • Hi all, I tried to upload this image openwrt-22.03.3-ramips-mt76x8-onion_omega2p-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

    then sysupgrade /tmp/ope...

    I don't see the WiFi network, is this normal? Can I connect by another way? With the hard reset nothing append.

  • What does dmesg say?

    That image file you're trying may not contain WiFi kernel driver module.
    If you post dmesg result, I can tell if WiFi driver is pre-packaged or not.

  • @Paolo-Moro @DumTux My understanding is that Openwrt 22 firmware is considered experimental by Onion Corporation so don't expect too much. We know the Onion utils have no been portd to later versions of OpenWrt, but since Omega2 is open source, it's really up to the user base to move things forward.

    I use OpenWrt 22 on some limited production devices, I recall some other users on here do also, I have to manually configure the wifi setup. Of ocurse this is done via the build system.

  • Thanks for your advice.
    But I believe that at least the serial port is active.

    I'm trying a MT7628N Chipset with MIPS24KEc Kernel.

    I will try with the serial port.

  • @DumTux I can't do it I have to log in first. Perhaps the serial port or the ethernet card is active.

  • @Paolo-Moro Here is the configuration files to give you a functional OpenWrt 22 wifi network.


    config interface 'loopback'
            option device 'lo'
            option proto 'static'
            option ipaddr ''
            option netmask ''
    config globals 'globals'
            option ula_prefix 'fdb2:2708:4969::/48'
    config device
            option name 'br-lan'
            option type 'bridge'
            list ports 'eth0'
    config interface 'lan'
            option device 'br-lan'
            option proto 'dhcp'
            option ip6assign '60'
    config interface 'wwan'
            option ifname 'apcli0'
            option proto 'dhcp'
            option hostname 'o2ptest'


    config wifi-device 'radio0'
            option type 'mac80211'
            option path 'platform/10300000.wmac'
            option channel 'auto'
            option band '2g'
            option htmode 'HT20'
            option log_level '1'
            option disabled '0'
            option country 'AU'
    config wifi-iface 'default_radio0'
            option device 'radio0'
            option network 'lan'
            option mode 'ap'
            option ssid 'OpenWrt'
            option encryption 'none'
            option disabled '1'
    config wifi-iface 'sta'
            option device 'radio0'
            option mode 'sta'
            option ifname 'apcli0'
            option encryption 'psk2'
            option network 'wwan'
            option led 'omega2p:blue:wifi'
            option disabled '0'
            option key '<your wifi password>'
            option ssid '<your wifi ssid>'

  • Thanks! Many Thanks

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