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Distinguish between reboot and halt/poweroff

  • Hi all,
    I need to detect whether the device (Omega2S+) is rebooting or halting/poweroff in the shutdown section of an init.d script.
    In other systems I use the output of the "runlevel" or "systemctl" commands.
    I successfully added the busybox runlevel command to my image, but its output is always "Unknown"; I understand from the docs that the runlevel concept itself is not implemented in the OpenWrt OS.
    Is there a way to accomplish what I want? If not possible in a script I'm also interested to implement it in a C program, using for example the libubus or libubox API.
    Thank you.

  • For anyone interested, I ended up replacing the reboot command (that by default is a link to busybox) with a custom script that simply writes a file in the /tmp folder and then calls "busybox reboot".

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    @sarapg that's a clever, minimal solution šŸ‘

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