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Powering the Omega2 LTE via GPIO

  • Hi all,
    We are working on a mobile application with the Omega2 LTE.
    In this instance using the USB-C connector to power the unit is not the most practical solution.
    Is back-powering the unit via the 3.3V or 5V GPIO pins possible?
    We have done this before with another brand of SBC.


  • administrators

    @Mark-C Yep, this is possible. You should supply power thru the 5V and GND pins


  • Hi all,
    As a follow up to this, the Omega2 LTE has been working well utilizing power through the GPIO pins.
    We have discovered an issue however with using a LiPo battery as a back up.
    The LiPo happily runs the board as expected, but the charging circuit is not working.
    Is there a way we can power the charging circuit from the 5V GPIO pins?

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