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OpenWrt 22.03 vs 23.05

  • Hi,

    are there any Omega specific changes in 23.05. vs 22.03?
    In the documentation i read about better wifi driver for example. But it hink the same driver is already implemented in 22.03, right? And i think Modemmanager is running in a newer version in 23.05 which also has some bugfixes...

    Are there any other benefits with 23.05 for the omega?

  • @DocHardinger No Omega2 differences in the wifi between the versions. IMHO if you are considering moving off the standard Omega2 firmware which is OpenWrt 18.x based, you'd be best to move to OpenWrt 23 instead of stopping off at 22, because you'll be dealing with the same learning curve moving to either version. The main issue for most users will be the renumbering of the GPIOs which impact both 22 and 23. Also in my case there were some small issues with the Omega2Pro that probably impact the Omega2LTE also.

    I also found a couple of packages were fine on 22 but broke on 23 due to changes in the compiler version, these were Ledchain which is now fixed and the Alfa AWUS036 wifi kernel module which I think I've finally fixed, but still under test.

  • @crispyoz we have already 22.03. running since the beginning and also beeing part of the developing process (means we tested a lot of the new stuff and also doing some adjustements on the firmware in our system). By now we have all stuff running on 22.03. But thinking about switching to 23.05 because of beeing up to date seems better ;-)... were using almost any feature the omega has. If youre interested or for better understanding on how we use the omega you can check https://www.e1nfach.com . So the question is if its a good idea to switch to 23.05.....

  • @DocHardinger Cool project! šŸ‘ Home automation for your home on wheels šŸ˜„ I automated some of my apartment using Omega2, my existing home automation system was missing some features so I added them.

    I can't really answer your question since every case is different, but I prefer to be running the most current release and since there is not much difference between 22 and 23 it's fairly trivial to switch over to 23. Since 23 is the current release, all the new stuff and improvements will be on 23. For me it just came down to testing time before I could put it into production.

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