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Onion interface and tutorials seem out of date

  • I am getting a lot of failures when following just the tutorial information. For example:

    1. The silicon labs drivers don't help the onion recognize the usb cable plugged in even though it is properly configured. (i consoled into a cisco router to test)

    2. In the UBUS tutorials the following command - ubus call onion "omega-led" '{"set_trigger"="heartbeat"}' results in a 'Failed to parse message data' error.

    3. The Onion console look much different than it does in the tutorials and doesn't have the apps that are shown.

    I am on the current firmware but seems seem very different -any help would ... help


  • Please be more clear and post links of the tutorials ... probably we can help with additional links or info's.

    1. is the usb cable in the micro USB slot (on the Omega)? What OS do you use? Did you try several usb plugs on the computer?
    2. seams to be normal if cable not is recognized.
    3. i don't see a difference without picture or link to the Tutorial šŸ˜‰

    We just can help when you also give correct information.

  • Thanks for the quick reply:

    1. I am on OSX El Capitan 10.11.3 and have tried a number of cables in the micro USB slot as per the tutorials.

    2. I can connect via wireless to the device.

    see https://onion.io/console for the differences in console: no app store, control multiple devices.

  • As you can read in several posts the App Store is still Beta and not for all visible. The Robotic Arm is also a project who not everyone has access to. Thats why it was removed. But as you can see there are new things in the Console.

    About actuality ... all the Tutorials you can find on git hub and as a member of this community everyone can help to actualize. You just need access to github.

    I use Linux. Do you have the command lsusb to in your terminal? this command shows if the cable is present. You can do without and with plugin in to the Computer. I also had a moment to make it work.

  • The command in the tutorial has an error >> replace '=' by ':' and it should work
    good command : ubus call onion "omega-led" '{"set_trigger":"heartbeat"}'

  • administrators

    @Erick-Lee apologies about the mistake in the ubus tutorial, it's been fixed now.

    Have you had any success detecting the Omega when it's plugged in to your Mac?
    Also, can you elaborate on the differences you see on the Console? Specifically which tutorials?

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