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Video Tutorial Requests

  • Howdy,

    I have two jobs, one is a teacher & the other is a web developer (my simple explanation anyway).

    I've just put together a mini series on using the Onion Omega with these 4 parts (was 4! added 2 more as well):

    1. Part 1 - Setting up your Onion Omega for the First Time
    2. Part 2 - The 3 ways to connect to Onion Omega Terminal
    3. Part 3 - Expanding your Onion Omega's Memory with a USB Drive
    4. Part 4 - Using a USB Hub & Web camera with you Onion Omega
    5. Part 5 - Installing & Using PHP with your Onion Omega
    6. Part 6 - Resolving the Time & Date issue with PHP on the Onion Omega


    Any topic suggestions I should create that you would feel would be useful to the community?


    PS. These tutorials are aimed at "non-nerds", so the simpler the better šŸ™‚

  • Errr got into a flow and have also recorded:

    Part 7 - Python & the LCD I2C Library on the Onion Omega
    Part 8 - GPIO Pins as Inputs on Your Onion Omega
    Part 9 - PIR Sensor using the GPIO pins on your Onion Omega

    I've sent them over to my video editor and I'll get them back in a couple of days.

    And a heads up, as a "developer" you'll hate them šŸ˜„ They'll be too slow and they're meant for my kinda level of learning šŸ‘


  • PS. My assistant whipped together a couple of intro slides, thought they were well cool! hence the share šŸ™‚



  • Looks really good. Feel free to grab some pics from my first fail setup, you could call them "What not to do" lol šŸ‘

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