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tutorial and wifisaint

    1. Disable wifisaint on the Omega <- This tutorial calls out a path not found : /etc/crontabs/root will it still work without carrying out that step ?

  • That is indeed the location. The lack of the file means you have no cronjobs setup so no need to comment out the wifisaint command.

    I believe wifisaint only exists if you have upgraded from a prior firmware and have NOT done a factory reset.
    IF you have done a factory reset then the cronjob won't exist.

  • Thank you "none" didn't know they had removed that part of the crontab during the last upgrade. But did notice it was still in the tutorial.

  • administrators

    @Guest Sorry about that! I've updated the tutorial to reflect the removal of wifisaint

    Can you please change the post topic to reflect that this is a post about a tutorial and wifisaint?

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