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Expected battery life of a fully charged battery dock.

  • I am wondering what the lifespan is expected to be of the battery dock add-on? I do know that this is also dependent on what is docked too. (like the BLE)

    In the distributed environment that I am envisioning, I am looking at the possibilities for battery use instead of running long wires and transformers from 15 amp wall sockets to 200mA. If I try battery packs, my guess though, is that is just enough for 2-3 days without a recharge.

    I guess I answered my own question. The distance + energy thing I think will kill IoT things. Right now everything seems to be necessarily tethered to a wall socket. So for anything we create, we have to ask ourselves, how long of a cord do I have?

  • Like your Wi-fi door lock, where is your power source?


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    @TheMonkey-King We will have battery life estimates for the Battery Dock available when it starts shipping.

    As for the Door Lock, there is an outlet near our door and we run a 10ft microUSB cable to power the Omega. Since it's indoor and will always be attached to the door, there's no need to think about using a battery.

  • Thank you! Now I guess for me, to have these work as household agents, I need to be either plug free or electrical system snap-ins. Otherwise, it's my parents' Christmas tree all over again. (You know the tree with 20 strands in an octopus tangle of plugs and extension cords.)

    Maybe as a request to the Onion team or beg my EE friends to come up with a Onion dock or extension that puts the transformer there instead of at the end of the cord.The connectors would be splicing agents that would ride on the 120-volt wires.

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