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"make" on the Omega?

  • Until I saw all the communications in https://community.onion.io/topic/734/coding-using-c-on-the-onion-omega I hadn't realised it was actually possible to compile and link C/C++ programs on the Omega itself - since I use Linux on a virtual machine for cross compiling which is a lot faster I haven't really seen the need to compile on the Omega itself.

    However, just for interest I have been experimenting with compiling on the Omega.
    In general, it seems that pretty well all the required tools are available with one noticebale exception:

    • No where can I find a make program to be able to build with Makefile s
      Does any one know if make is available anywhere and if so where ?

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  • @Chris-McCaslin Thanks, but I know about cross compilation on a Linux box - I do it all the time šŸ™‚
    My question related to performing compilation on the Omega itself, for which, as far as I can see, pretty well all the tools are available on the Omega with the glaring exception of make

    The step you refer to in the tutorial you reference relates to using make menuconfig in an OpenWrt cross compilation environment. I have tried using that and nowhere within the menus do I find any reference to any package containing the make program.
    Under make menuconfig I usually use the / command to search for program etc - doing so for make finds nothinpertaining to the make program itself.

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