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Disconnecting from the cloud after 1 hour

  • Ok, I was able to get my onion connected to the cloud and can control the relay through the web interface. I then setup an API key and connected to IFTTT and it worked fine at first.

    But after an hour of being away and not doing anything with the onion it no longer shows up on the cloud. It still is accessible from the local web interface, but until I reconnect it to the cloud it stays offline. Even rebooting the onion doesn't let it reconnect.

    Has anyone else seen this issue?


  • administrators

    @Robert-Gusek What version of the firmware are you running?
    Can you also run opkg list-installed | grep device and post the output

  • I am running 0.1.1 b308

    device-client - 0.5-1

  • Same here, same firmware and output as Robert

    I was in the Device Explorer then came back a while later, around an hour, did a couple of commands and then the output wasn't updating. At first I thought one of the commands I tried killed the Omega but I tabbed over to the browser window with the console and it was responding and uptime was around an hour and a half so it didn't reboot on me.

  • Shutdown from the local web interface and replug USB power brought it back to the cloud.

    Also, Restart from the local web interface doesn't work, nothing changes(login is not required) and the uptime isn't reset which I would expect with a restart. Which would explain why "Restart" didn't work for me or Robert when the Omega dropped from the cloud.

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    which browser are you guys accessing the cloud with?

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